watermelon health benifets

Watermelon: 4 Health benefits you must know about !

The season has come to enjoy watermelon. Watermelon tastes good and has excellent health benefits. One cup of watermelon is only 46...
frensh potato salad

French potato salad recipe

French potato salad is a summer favorite. The potato salad will be best if it is made the day before. A lighter potato salad...
potato salad

Potato salad with vinaigrette or French with capers

Potato salad is easy to prepare and make a large batch of, which makes it the perfect buffet food on, for example,...
classic beef bourguignon recipe

Classic Beef bourguignon recipe – tasty!

Classic beef bourguignon Recipe. Dried thyme, red wine and sliced ​​bacon are just some of the ingredients in this rich beef classic.
recipe for minced meat loaf in the oven

Juicy minced meat loaf in the oven – Tasty recipe

Recipe for juicy minced meat loaf in the oven. Minced meat loaf is easy to prepare and can be served in many ways. Here...
Salmon pasta with spinach recipe - a creamier variant

Salmon pasta with spinach – a creamier variant

Recipe for salmon pasta with spinach. Ridiculously simple pasta dish where the salmon simmers with spinach, cream and lemon. Let the guests wait for...
banana pancake recipe

Banana Pancakes Recipe – Simple & Tasty

Recipe for banana pancakes. Start the day with a real energy boost and a gluten-free breakfast favorite! Banana pancakes are wholesome and really tasty...
Salmon in the oven recipe

Salmon in the oven Recipe! perfectly cooked and juicy

Salmon in the oven! Recipe and guide to the right temperature and time Baked salmon is simple and incomparably good,...
easy dinner recipes

Dinner tips recipes! Our 9 most popular recipes ever

Every night we ask the same question: What are we going to eat tonight? Why not try one of this Dinner...
healthy dietary habits

How to boost your healthy dietary habits

It is very important to spend every day in a healthy way in order to do work, housework, childcare, etc. every day. This...