watermelon health benifets

Watermelon: 4 Health benefits you must know about !

The season has come to enjoy watermelon. Watermelon tastes good and has excellent health benefits. One cup of watermelon is only 46...
health benefits of laughter

Positive effects of laughter on emotional and physical health

The world has been booming for laughter in recent years. New comedians are appearing on TV one after another and are becoming popular.
Animal therapy

Animal Therapy -Stress Relief Method-

In today's stressful world, more and more people are living with their pets in search of healing. In particular, women living alone, couples...
Runner Knees My knees hurt when I run

Runner Knees: My knees hurt when I run!

Runner knees that hurts the outside of the knee: On the outside of the knee, there is the "iliotibial...
finasteride for prostate and hairloss

Finasteride for Prostate and Hair loss

Finasteride is used to treat the symptoms of benign hypertrophia of the prostate. Finasteride reduces the size of the...