Change your life: Let’s affirm, life can be changed!

Let’s affirm, life can be changed!

Many people want to change their lives. And many find it difficult to change their lives. But in reality, it’s not difficult to change your life. Anyone can open up a new life with just a little “change of perspective”.

There are eight perspectives to change.

“Emotional power” “Interpretation power” “Sensitive power” “Dialogue power” “Personal connection power” “Reading power” “Selective power” From these, here we introduce words that change the viewpoint of “emotional power”.

 1-If you want to love others, you have to start by loving yourself.

Investing in yourself ultimately becomes an investment in the other party. What you learn is also the task of creating what you give to the other person. If you make yourself nice and happy, you can make the other person nice and happy.

2- When negative emotions are born, the important thing is to be aware of those emotions.

It’s pretty painful to look back on having such negative emotions today when I got home at night. However, doing so saves me from being prone to negative emotions in the long run. It can be painful for a moment, but look back on your negative emotions and record them if you can.

3- Even if the enemy’s attack is 99% wrong, if there is one worthy truth to learn, it can be seen as an object of gratitude, not an opponent

The world looks completely different when you start to find the material of gratitude among your enemies. They threw seeds for their own growth. You don’t have to say “thank you”, but thank you in your heart.

4- It’s not true that there is no problem with non- malicious mistakes.

Malicious mistakes can be corrected as soon as the person awakens and corrects them. However, mistakes that come from weaknesses, even if they are not malicious, are short-term and cannot be changed. Weaknesses may be justified as non-malicious in the short term, but can be malicious in the medium to long term.

5-Life is not a highway

The goal is laid in a straight line from the starting point to the destination ,so it is not enough to run anyway.

However, even under such circumstances, the question is whether or not you are trying to determine your own destination, identify barriers, and create your own shortest distance through trial and error.

6- To shed light on your emotions and try to understand them deeply.

What are your feelings now, are you satisfied, are you suffering, are you impatient, or are you feeling frustrated? Visualize it and make it objective. Check the situation. This may be recorded through acts such as writing.

7- Human ability is actually the ability to do things that are commonplace.

There is a situation that can only be reached by those who thoroughly pursued the obvious. However, a great deal of effort is required by then. That’s because it’s a matter of course. Many people blame their innateness and talent without trying to see it. But that’s just my justification. You can only reach great achievements by doing what you need to do.

8-Don’t over-determine things and keep sowing seeds for the future

Such steady work may be life. Sowing seeds is a dream come true, but watering the sowed seeds is hard. But only those who can do it can meet a new life.

9- All my life and life are borrowed.You have to enjoy what you borrowed and eventually return it.

Lost sadness comes from a sense of ownership. Think of lazy people as borrowed. My life and my life. The moment it reopens, my heart changes.

10-The fulfillment of life is not in length. It’s in the depth.

Is it really a waste to be bothered by boring things? How much precious time in life can be damaged by negative emotional swaying. The person you meet in front of you may be your last encounter. Can you treat people with that feeling? The same is true for couples, family and friends. It is important to envision the future, but it is at this moment that we must cherish more than that.

You can do it, just try, change your life.


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