Drive your life! 8 tips you want to have


Drive your life ! I often think that life is like driving a car. If you don’t have the intention of where to go, you won’t start driving. Driving also depends on what you are heading for.

So what does it take to get life in the right direction? how to drive your life ?

1-Capture life every 5 years

If you want to capture life in the long run, there is one way. It is to regard 5 years as one life. Life changes every five years. The stage of life changes. With that in mind, a sense of tension is created every day.

For example, at the age of 26, the fifth life ends and the sixth life begins. If you are 38 years old, you are living in the third year of your eighth life. It’s more about enriching your five-year life than before. Even if you try to imagine the distant future, you can’t.

2-Actions have meaning in themselves

Many people wonder what to do if they take action and it doesn’t work. But even if it doesn’t work, the action makes a lot of sense in itself. By taking action, the scenery you see changes.

The more you can learn and gain. Anyway, be positive and action-oriented. No matter how much you use your head Not only smartness but also movement is important in life.

3-Have a sense of ownership in everything

Even if you are a regular employee, you should be prepared to take responsibility for the decisions you make in your department or section. An organization where such people gather will be a strong organization. I think the members of these organizations definitely have a strong sense of ownership and act with the determination of a manager. When this happens, the aura and atmosphere that it creates will be completely different.

4-Hone your intuition

What I feel when I meet people who are said to be top-notch is the speed of their decisions and decisions. Judgment instantly, there is no hesitation. This is intuition. Moreover, the accuracy of judgment based on that intuition is extremely high.

It’s not easy to hone your intuition, and most importantly, when you’re young, you’re faced with a lot of problems that aren’t easy to make. The more painful you are, the more your intuition is refined. You can tell yourself so.

5-Quit gracefully

There is a saying, “To succeed, you have to stop until you succeed,” but I don’t believe this phrase. I think it’s just as important to stop strategically as to stay honest in order to be successful.

Stopping shouldn’t be blamed on its own. Sometimes it is necessary to correct the trajectory in order to have a one-time life, to stick to oneself and to own one’s life. To do that, we need to stop doing something. If you don’t stop, you won’t be able to start the next thing.

6-Focus only on the essence

What is the essence? What you see as the essence, or to put it simply, what is most important. Always be aware of it. For example, even if you give a presentation, try to summarize in one word what you want to say in the end.

It is not possible to do it right from the beginning, but consciously continue trial and error. The important thing is to spend time conscious of the existence of the essence. That leads to higher accuracy in finding the essence.

7-Turn everything into learning

Use what happens every day and everything in your daily life as a material for your own learning and for your own growth. With that kind of consciousness, you can spend calm and peaceful days. From the moment you have that kind of consciousness, you will not feel lost, anxious, or unhappy.
Even if something happens, I think this is God’s gift to connect to my next. Then everything that happens in the world seems to be happening for you.

8-Cross the border

It is difficult to make a big change in the environment. Some may say that the hurdles are too high for a variety of reasons. Then I would recommend a trip.

The important thing is to add extraordinary things to your daily life. In the first place, human identity is born from differences. Only when you see the difference can you realize yourself. It is important to go on a journey to confirm your identity.

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