Fat burning! Easy Aerobic exercise at home!


Fat burning!”.“I want to lose weight!”

When you think so, the first thing that comes to mind is running, yoga, muscle training, etc. These exercises can be divided into two categories depending on whether or not oxygen is used as an energy source.

One of the two categories is “aerobic exercise,” which I will introduce in this article.

Aerobic exercise can be expected to have a fat burning effect, and some people do it for dieting purposes. In this article, we’ll also introduce you to the meaning and benefits of aerobic exercise, and the aerobic exercise that you can easily start at home.

What is aerobic exercise?

The characteristic of aerobic exercise is that it is an exercise that raises the heart rate and keeps the raised heart rate . Specifically, aerobic exercise includes aerobics dancing, swimming, jogging, and cycling.

Benefits of aerobic exercise:

  • Fat burning effect

Aerobic exercise uses fat as fuel to produce  energy. Therefore, it can be expected to have the effect of reducing fat, so it is recommended for those who want to exercise for dieting purposes. It is said to be effective for both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

  • Improving endurance

Aerobic exercise is a cardio-respiratory exercise. Therefore, improvement of cardiopulmonary exercise can be expected, which is thought to lead to improvement of endurance. It will be useful not only for improving endurance in sports but also for improving daily fatigue.

  • Improvement of basal metabolism

Basal metabolism is the amount of energy consumed per day even when you are not active. By increasing this basal metabolism, it is possible to create a body that is easy to lose weight even with a small amount of exercise. To increase this basal metabolism, it is necessary to increase muscle mass. By continuing aerobic exercise, you can build muscle and improve your basal metabolism.

  • Refresh your mood

By exercising and sweating, you can expect the effect of refreshing your mood. It is said that endorphins, which not only change the mood but also bring peace of mind, are secreted into the brain. In addition, aerobic exercise consumes a moderate amount of physical strength, which will lead to deep sleep and comfortable daily life.

What is the difference from anaerobic exercise?

So what exactly is the difference from anaerobic exercise?

The point is whether you need oxygen when exercising.

Anaerobic exercise is considered to be a short-term exercise that does not use oxygen, and because it consumes sugar (glucose) as an energy source, it is said to be effective mainly for sprinting and muscle pumping up. On the other hand, aerobic exercise moves muscles for a long time while taking in oxygen, so fat is consumed as an energy source and is said to be effective for dieting. It can be said that it is important to use both in a well-balanced manner according to the purpose.

Recommended Aerobic Exercises You Can Do At Home

You may have thought that aerobic exercise, which involves a lot of breathing, is difficult because you are required to wear a mask when exercising outside or in the gym. From here, we will introduce aerobic exercise that you can easily take in at home!

Aerobic exercise that you can do at home: Step up and down

Stepping up and down is an exercise that goes up and down a step. Of course, you can train on the stairs at home, but it is also recommended to stack magazines and fix them with gum tape. The nice point is that you can easily work on it while watching TV or YouTube. Since it is not a flying or bouncing exercise, even apartments can work on it without worrying about the neighbors.

Aerobic exercise that you can do at home: Dance

If you want to enjoy aerobic exercise, dance is recommended! The dance has many jumping and bouncing movements, and depending on the song, the dance lasts for about 5 minutes. Furthermore, if you dance the songs of your favorite artist and become absorbed in it, you should be able to realize a long aerobic exercise in no time. If you’re wondering what to dance, why not start with the rumored “hand clap dance” that you can lose 10 kilos in two weeks.