Watermelon: 4 Health benefits you must know about !


The season has come to enjoy watermelon. Watermelon tastes good and has excellent health benefits. One cup of watermelon is only 46 calories, but contains 20% and 17% of vitamin C and A daily needs.
Experts say, “watermelon also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is good for digestive health, and potassium, which helps control blood pressure.” ‘Health.com’ introduced four health benefits of watermelon.

1-Reduced blood pressure

watermelon benifets for pressure

According to a research team at Florida State University in the United States, watermelon has the effect of lowering blood pressure. In a one-year trial of 13 middle-aged men and women suffering from high blood pressure, the researchers gave half of the participants a daily watermelon extract.
It is 4 grams of the amino acid L-citrulline and 2 grams of L-arginine. The other half were given a placebo. And six weeks later, their roles changed. As a result, it has been shown that watermelon extract lowers blood pressure and reduces stress on the heart.