How to create a lifestyle that creates a positive cycle?


The modern society in which we live is at a major turning point. What is a lifestyle with positive cycle? The author, who invests in venture companies in Japan and the United States, has bases in Tokyo and Hawaii, and lives a dual life, talks about “What is a way of life that is not bound by restrictions?”

1-Time, place, relationships …Eliminate 7 restrictions:

If there are no restrictions on your life now, what kind of lifestyle do you think you are living? Many would say, “I don’t think I’m living a constrained life.” But, for example, have you ever thought.

These “beliefs” are the “constraints” that bind us.

There are seven restrictions: “time, place, relationships, money, work style, clothes, and thinking.” Assuming that there are no of these restrictions, what kind of work and work style should be done in order to work in any place, at any time, in any clothes, and without being bothered by relationships? .. Imagine this is the shortcut to a happy lifestyle.

When I graduated from college and got a job, I thought, “I want to be able to live a life without getting on the train.” It was impossible to remove this restriction from the beginning, so I started by getting up early and avoiding the peak hours of commuting so as not to get on a crowded train. On the other hand, I also thought about what I should do to live a life without getting on the train in the future. Should I change jobs to a job that I can do at home, and what skills do I need to acquire to do so?

If you remove the restrictions one by one and think about it, you will naturally see what you need to do now.

2-Avoid “external load”:

What does it mean to live in a constrained way? It means that it is put on the common sense decided by others. If you are an office worker, you are prohibited from doing side jobs, you have your own seat in the company, you have a day off, and so on.

Why do we feel stressed and tired when we work in the first place?

“External load” is when someone forces you to do something you don’t want to do. For example, when I was a kid, when my parents told me to study, I think everyone has the experience of losing motivation.

On the other hand, it is free to have no external load. You can do everything voluntarily. Since I do it voluntarily, I can enjoy it without feeling stress. Because it is fun, we will go around in a positive cycle that we can devote more and achieve results.

3- “Military type” “Recruit type” Choose the type that suits you from four working styles:

If you are an office worker, how can you live an unrestrained way of life? There are four types of work styles, depending on how the load is applied and the feelings of the person working on the work.

The first is the “military type”. It’s hard to do because the schedule is set from the outside and penalties are given for disobeying the order. 

 The second is the “recruit type”. Although there are restrictions from the outside, the person who works is enjoying himself. Companies like Recruit are of this type.

The third is “a way of life that is not tied up.” The load is applied from the inside, and the person himself is also fun. Patagonia and Silicon Valley companies are examples of this type of successful results. However, there is no external burden on the “unbound way of life”, so there is a risk of corruption if you make a mistake.

That is the fourth, “mismatch type”. People who are “unsuitable” for unconstrained situations are classified here. For these people, it is better to lay rails to some extent.

The “outside” load is the load that is forced by others, such as “I have a meeting tomorrow, so come to the meeting room at 7 am.” The “from the inside” load is the load that you put on your own will, such as “I will make a proposal because there will be a meeting tomorrow.”

In order for a person to grow, it cannot be done without restrictions, either from the outside or from the inside. If you are likely to be corrupted by the internal burden alone, you may want to aim for a “recruit type”. Let’s live a life that suits your type.

4-Choosing your Workplaces:

Choosing a company is important for living an unrestrained way of life. 

Let’s start with the “time-sensitive” shop salespeople and pilots. Even if you try to achieve many results efficiently and with little effort, if you are doing a job that is too constrained, you will not even have time to prepare for step-by-step removal of the constraints.

Next, let’s think about jobs such as banks and securities companies that “have many transfers due to company reasons”. Even if you learn a new job and build a network of contacts, you will have to start over from the beginning due to a transfer, and if you repeat this, you will not be able to think about anything other than the work of the company.

Of course, just because it’s easier to prepare without these conditions doesn’t mean you can’t live without restrictions at all.

Then, what kind of work is easier to realize an unrestrained way of life? It is a workplace where you can work freely as long as you can get results. There are many foreign-affiliated IT companies that do not have to go to the office every day, have no time constraints, and can do side jobs.

5-Create goals and plans so that you will not be restricted in the future:

In order to live an unrestrained way of life, it is important to be aware of what you are lacking. And it is important to prepare goals and plans to overcome them. Making goals and plans is a way of life that is tied up. I think I can hear such a voice.

However, this is exactly the opposite, and because of the goals and plans, we can have a life that is not restricted in the future.

Without goals and plans, you don’t know where to go. Without it, if you quit the company saying “I will live without being bound by anything” or give up my efforts, I will only wait for a self-deprecating life.

In addition, getting ready is not a pain. Because “I am doing this preparation for myself”. If it is a voluntary “internal load”, you can control it yourself and you will be motivated.

There are some restrictions on people’s lives. At that time, the free and stress-free constraint is the “internal load”.