How to Burn Leg & Back Fat Easily


Many of us always ask many questions such as “What is the best exercise in order to lose leg fat or what are the most successful exercises to lose back fat?” Often the answers are to run regularly and diet. But this is an easy answer. The correct answer may surprise some people, especially those who suffer from leg and back obesity.

In this article, I will discuss one of the solutions that is considered one of the best ways to lose fat over time, and I will explain the secret behind that.

Many of us do not expect this answer, because fat loss cannot be directed to specific areas of the body. Some people may think that doing exercises to strengthen the abdomen will lead to a loss of stomach fat. But the scientific reality is not so. This does not indicate that the exercises that we do for specific areas of the body are not of value, but on the contrary, all exercises are of great benefit to our body over time, for example stomach exercises can lead to weight loss at the level of the leg.

I will explain how that is, scientifically, to lose weight, fat must be replaced with muscle mass, so more muscle mass must be built in place of the accumulated fat, so that losing weight without fat compensation leads to the formation of sagging. Therefore, losing weight in a healthy way is dependent on increasing muscle mass. By increasing a pound of muscle, we can burn approximately 38 calories per day just in a state of rest. For example, by increasing 10 pounds of muscle to the body, we can increase metabolism during the rest period to burn 338 calories every day and this is only while we are sitting and at rest. Nice, isn’t it?

In this context, most people focus on strength training in safety ways to obtain good results in the long term, for example when we do an outdoor physical exercise such as running, we get the benefits only during our exercise of this physical effort. Unlike strength exercises that increase the metabolism rate, which in turn affects the proportion of muscle compared to fat, where the percentage of fat burning during the rest period increases, to take its place the muscles. This does not mean that practicing outdoor activities is not important, on the contrary, it is important for psychological and physical health, but it is not sufficient to burn fat and lose weight, unlike strength exercises, which have great effectiveness in this regard.

As a advice from me to burn leg or back fat or anywhere you want, program two sessions per week for strength training and focus on the area you target for weight loss to fatigue the muscle or major muscles in that area, believe me, you will notice the difference with time, the size of the target muscles will grow and the volume of fat will decrease. Although our bodies are different and we have different areas that carry fat, strength exercises have shown their effectiveness to achieve the greatest amount of results, by strengthening the various muscles in the body, you will be able to burn the largest percentage of calories during the rest period, due to the increase in the metabolism process.

Finally, among the most important keys to losing leg and back fat or any other area is strength exercises and muscle strengthening, all of this while respecting a specific schedule and not straining the muscles to stay safe, because the most important condition in strength exercises is to take adequate rest after each Exercise to increase the strength of physical fitness.