How to deal with healthy Diet nowadays


Healthy diet! many of us find many problems in terms of following it, most restaurants offer unhealthy meals, so we find the most famous international restaurant chains that provide fast food full of fat and sugars so there is only one solution and that is to cook meals at home, but in the absence of time we do not find The time required to prepare 4 meals a day. The question is how do we prepare our daily meals and do not have enough time ? Are previously prepared meals can be equivalent to fresh meals ?

Through an in-depth search and study of various solutions, the following can be concluded: The cooking of fresh foods can’t be replaced by prepared industrial meals that are only reheated with the microwave. The quality of vegetables, fruits, and meats is lost when they are reheated several times, and therefore industrial ready meals are not considered a healthy option for those looking for a proper diet.

From here it appears that the formula of healthy, Fresh food has no other solution except preparing meals, cooking them enough time and consuming them at the same time. This is what we found our ancestors know, but in our current era of speed and work we have moved away from giving food enough time to prepare and eat For example, we find those who must take various type of transportation to get to work, so they don’t have the time and place to prepare their food.

One of the new suggestions is to create restaurants that provide ready kitchens for customers to prepare their food, each according to his desire, a good idea, isn’t ? But do we have the time to prepare and cook a meal? The answer is no, because the majority of the lunch time allocated at work is between 30 minutes and one hour, so it is impossible to have time for that, except if you want to prepare a salad with vegetables and fruits.

One of the realistic solutions that have achieved success is the creation of restaurants within the workplace and the preparation of healthy and varied meals while giving the employee the choice of the type of food that he prefers, but this solution does not exist in the majority of companies that may not care about the quality of their workers food, but only the quality of their production, here the person faces two choices, either consuming fast food that does not cost much and this is what the majority do, or preparing meals at home during the night and leaving them in the freezer until tomorrow, it can be said that it is a rational solution, but the question is whether it is healthy or not.

The answer depends on the quality of the meal and the ingredients. For example, you cannot prepare a meal consisting of processed or canned ingredients prepared in minutes and say that it’s healthy. you must be kept away from everything that is industrial and has been refilled again, the ingredients must be carefully chosen and include a variety, for example, a salad consisting of a variety of vegetables, a fresh well-cooked fish slice and rice, various fruits.

You can choose and create a daily program that includes various meals every day in order to facilitate the process of buying from grocery , you will not always have to ask what I will eat for lunch tomorrow. This is considered the best solution now for those looking for a practical and healthy solution to avoid the harms of fast Food, especially obesity and heart disease and arteries.

As my advice, stay away from fast food as much as possibleand follow a healthy diet. Do not make it your daily food, but only on occasions when going out with family and friends, and I wish you health and wellness.