Laughter medicine : Health benefits of laughter


The world has been booming for laughter in recent years. New comedians are appearing on TV one after another and are becoming popular.

But laughter isn’t just in the world of art. In fact, recently, research focusing on the effect of laughter has progressed in the field of medicine, and it has been scientifically proven to be useful for the prevention and improvement of various diseases.

However, in today’s stressful world, there are fewer opportunities to laugh. Be conscious and incorporate laughter into your daily life.

man laugh and feel happy

Health benefits of laughter

Immunity up

When you laugh, “NK (natural killer) cells” are activated.
These NK cells are a type of white blood cell that have the ability to kill cancer cells and cells infected with bacteria.
In other words, laughing boosts your immunity and builds a strong body against various illnesses.

laughter is a theraphy

Balance the autonomic nerves

When stress increases, the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant, the secretion of stress hormones increases, and the temperature of the brain rises. When you laugh, the parasympathetic nerves dominate, the secretion of stress hormones decreases, and the temperature of the brain decreases.
When you are laughing, these two nerves are working in a well-balanced manner.

Activate the brain

When you laugh, you get abdominal breathing and consume a lot of oxygen. It is said that the oxygen uptake when laughing is about twice that of one deep breath and about three to four times that of normal breathing.
When stress is applied, the brain becomes excited and consumes more and more oxygen, causing the brain cells to become deficient in oxygen and work less.
By laughing there, a large amount of oxygen is taken in, the cells are activated, and the work is enhanced.

3 laughs

Laughter includes “pleasant laughter” that appears when you are happy and entertaining, “social laughter” that appears when you exchange greetings with people, and “tension-relieving laughter” that appears when you feel relaxed and relieved. There are three types.
The order of health benefits is “relaxing laughter,” “pleasant laughter,” and “social laughter.” In the case of office workers, it is said that “laughter at social gatherings” accounts for 60 to 70%.

Laughter heals illness !?

Do you know the movie “Patch Adams”?┬áThe film is modeled after a real-life psychiatrist who has incorporated laughter into his treatment.
Laughter is being introduced not only in the United States but also in Japan as well as in the medical field. Here is an example of the experiment.

laughing bring happiness

Low blood sugar levels in diabetics

We conducted an experiment to measure blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.
When I listened to a lecture on diabetes on the first day and funny stories on the second day, the difference between the fasting blood glucose level and the postprandial blood glucose level on the first day was 123 mg / dl on average, while on the second day it was average. It was 77 mg / dl. Laughter lowered blood sugar levels.

Reduced pain in patients with rheumatism

When we asked patients with rheumatoid arthritis to listen to entertainment programs and investigated its effects, the cortisol level, also known as stress hormone, fell within the standard range, and the substances that worsen rheumatism dropped dramatically.
In addition, we have achieved results such as a state of comfort and mild pain.

Increased immunity to increase resistance to cancer

An experiment was conducted in 18 men and women to investigate lymphocytes involved in NK cell activity and immunity after seeing comic storytelling.
The number of NK cells increased in 14 people, and the index value indicating the balance of immune system was also close to the normal range in most people.

Training to laugh

Do you usually laugh? It seems easy to laugh, but if you’re not used to laughing, you can’t do it suddenly. What such a person needs is training to “laugh”.

Part 1 Loosen facial muscles

A person’s face has muscles called facial muscles, and loosening these muscles makes it easier to laugh. Open your mouth slowly and wide, stretch your nose, and move the muscles of your entire face freely.
If you repeat it every day, your facial expression will become easier to laugh.

laugh for life

Part 2 Try to laugh

It doesn’t matter if you laugh at the memory or make a laugh, so for the time being, let’s continue with a big laugh that makes you sick.
It’s a lot of work, but it’s a good training to get a chance to laugh.

Part 3 Listen to comedy TV programs

Even if you don’t usually watch TV, watch entertainment programs.
And when it’s funny, don’t hesitate to laugh aloud.

“Fortune comes to the laughing gate.” Laughter can help you think positively and relieve pain.
Have you ever laughed so much that you hit your little toe against a corner? I’m unconsciously trying to relieve the pain.
Even if it’s not fun, just making a smile can be effective. Anyone can laugh, so try to smile as much as possible.

The unique effect of laughter

Laughter has other interesting effects besides health benefits.

Wrinkle effect

Even though it’s not fun, if you just laugh with love, you will get a distorted expression. Facial expressions move symmetrically when you laugh from the bottom of your heart, but move asymmetrically when you laugh from the bottom of your heart. If you repeat it, the wrinkles will become asymmetric and your face will look distorted.

Facial feedback

If you intentionally make a smile, you will feel happy for some reason. The movements of the facial muscles are fed back to the brain, and the brain program is called accordingly, giving a pleasant facial expression. In other words, facial expressions create emotions.