Positive effects of laughter on emotional and physical health


The world has been booming for laughter in recent years. New comedians are appearing on TV one after another and are becoming popular.

But laughter isn’t just in the world of art. In fact, recently, research focusing on the effect of laughter has progressed in the field of medicine, and it has been scientifically proven to be useful for the prevention and improvement of various diseases.

However, in today’s stressful world, there are fewer opportunities to laugh. Be conscious and incorporate laughter into your daily life.

man laugh and feel happy

Health benefits of laughter:

1-Immunity up:

Immunity up

When you laugh, “NK (natural killer) cells” are activated.
These NK cells are a type of white blood cell that have the ability to kill cancer cells and cells infected with bacteria.
In other words, laughing boosts your immunity and builds a strong body against various illnesses.