Lose Weight : this how the Runner’s High will feel


Running, we love it! To lose a few pounds, let off steam and maintain your body, it’s all good, but it can also give us an incredible feeling: the runner’s euphoria.

What is Runner’s High?

The runner’s euphoria, known as Runner’s High, offers an incredible state of happiness that can even be addictive.

On Saturday morning, we set up a very specific ritual: as soon as the sun’s rays wake us up, we put on our sneakers and we go for a run. To clear your head, let off steam, build muscle, lose weight … All the reasons are good for going for a jog, especially the intoxicating phenomenon it brings. Indeed, the runner’s euphoria, known as Runner’s High, offers an incredible state of happiness that can even be addictive.

Runner’s High: what is runner euphoria?

When we run, our bodies get tired, our muscles can hurt, and intense exertion can be difficult. As we concentrate on continuing this jog, the switch flips and suddenly a feeling of drunkenness comes over us. We feel invincible, the pain disappears and gives way to a feeling of happiness. It’s the euphoria of the runner and it all happens in the brain! In fact, when jogging, the body releases endorphins and endocannabinoids that attach to the same places in the brain as tetrahydrocannabinol (the THC found in cannabis). These will activate receptors that can provide sensations similar to psychotropic substances, the body relaxes and the sensation of pain subsides. In that moment, then we have the feeling that we can keep running forever.

How do I reach Runner’s High?

To reach Runner’s High is pretty random, there is no magic recipe. This sensation can occur after a so-called long effort (from 1 hour), at a moderate intensity. To feel the euphoria, you step out of your comfort zone, without entering your break-up zone. So we put on our sneakers and go for a run?

The Benefits of Running:

  • High fat burning effect
  • Make the rhythm of the day
  • It leads to motivation for work
  • Less worries about safety
  • There are few car streets
  • Feel good

In the morning, the air is so dry that it feels good just to walk. Therefore, you can create the rhythm of the day and motivate yourself for work or school.It will be mentally cleansed with the rising sun and clean air.

Many people do it as a routine to get up in the morning, and it is also effective for improving health. In addition, it is said to be safer than at night because it is bright and tends to have few traffic.

  • You can run with confidence in terms of crime prevention.
  • Running in the morning is most effective when you are hungry.
  • It burns fat in your body efficiently and is the most effective for dieting.

Morning run is recommended for people like this!

  • Morning running is often hungry, so it is said to have a high fat burning effect.
  • If you eat breakfast after running, it is more effective for dieting.
  • Also, many people are running to create the rhythm of the day as a morning routine.
  • More and more people are getting better at work by motivating and moving their body in the morning.
  • Morning running is recommended for those who want to go on a diet and those who want to improve their work by improving their mood for the day.
  • It is also recommended for your health by getting up firmly in the morning