Online Dating! isn’t just for Love


Online dating is attracting attention as one of the dating methods that you can easily enjoy even if you live far away. How do you enjoy an online date where you can’t go anywhere, unlike a date you actually meet? In this article, we’ll show you what to do to enjoy online dating, as well as how to get excited. Why not take advantage of online dating, which does not require the hassle of traveling, and make time for two people to enjoy themselves.

What does online dating do?

Online dating has the characteristic that you can enjoy it differently from the date you actually meet.

From here, we will introduce the specific contents of how to enjoy online dating and what to do with online dating.

Enjoy the conversation

The purpose of online dating is to “enjoy conversation” above all.

Since you can see each other’s faces and communicate with each other without meeting, it is also an advantage that you can easily take time even between long distances and busy work .

It is also an opportunity to get to know the other person through conversation, such as the recent situation, what you enjoyed, your hobbies, how you spend your time, your place of origin, and your question time .

The purpose is to have fun, so it’s okay if you can see yourself and the other person without becoming too stiff.

Also, unlike a telephone, you can talk face-to-face, so you can talk about differences in clothes and hairstyles, and changes in the reflected interior .

Watch TV or movies

With online dating, you can also enjoy watching TV and movies while talking to the other person online.

You can enjoy watching the same TV program or movie even if you are far away, so you can do it as if you were on an actual movie date .

Since DVDs and Blu-rays may have a time lag due to simultaneous screening, it is recommended to share the screen while playing it on the Internet or on a PC .

Screen sharing is prohibited depending on the service you use, so let’s enjoy it according to the terms of use.

It is also good to share your thoughts while enjoying alcohol and meals while watching.

When watching TV / movies, you can also know each other’s TV, movies, and actors’ tastes by listening to the recommendations of the other party.

Knowing the other person’s preferences in advance will also help you think about a date plan when you actually meet.

It’s also a good idea to watch the previous movie together before going on a real date to watch a series of movies.

It would be fun to plan an actual date by taking advantage of sharing screens and time even when you are away.

Play games

On online dating, you can also play games together. In addition to online games, you can also play card games and board games using the screen sharing function.

You can easily enjoy online battles and cooperative play, so why not enjoy online dating with the image of a “home date”?

If both of you have a hobby of playing games, you can enjoy it as a date.

If either one is your hobby, make sure that you can do what the other person wants to do, such as setting an end time so that you don’t spend a lot of time with them.


Cooking each other and eating together is also recommended for online dates . As mentioned above, it can be used as a snack for sake, and you can also enjoy dinner and making sweets.

Not only can you get excited about which one is better, but you can also know the food preferences of the other party, and you can plan the meal when you actually meet.

There are also merits that help you improve your cooking skills, such as getting advice from the other person even if you don’t do well.


What you should do on an online date depends on your hobbies and personality, so it is recommended that you try the ones that are most exciting for you.

Not only can you use online dating to fill in the time you can’t actually meet, but it’s also great when you want to change your taste from your regular date.

Rather than just being conscious of what to do and what to do, if you have a desire to know the other person, you will naturally get excited.

In addition, it is also important to devise ways to “do not end online”, such as connecting the excitement of online dates to actual dates.

It will also lead to the joy of “remembering that conversation” for the other party, so why not take advantage of online dating and deepen your relationship.