Watermelon for weight loss


watermelon for weight loss

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1-Watermelon is it low in calories? What sugar do you care about?

watermelon for weight loss
Watermelon (small) 1.7Kg / ball
380 kcal6.0 g1.0 g97.0 g94.0 g
Watermelon (small) 1/8 ball
47 kcal0.8 g0.1 g12.2 g11.8 g
Watermelon (medium) 5.0 kg / ball
1110 kcal18.0 g3.0 g285.0 g276.0 g
Watermelon (middle) 1/8 ball
139 kcal2.3 g0.4 g35.8 g34.7 g
Intake standards (upper male, lower female)
2650 kcal
2000 kcal
60.0 g
50.0 g
73.6 g
54.8 g
364.0 g
271.0 g
344 g
253 g

The nutritional value is calculated by using a normal size watermelon as a medium and a small watermelon that fits in one hand. One serving of watermelon (1/8 cut) is 47 to 139 Kcal and 11.8 to 34.7 g of sugar . You can see that the sugar mass varies greatly depending on the size of the watermelon. The calorie of the watermelon itself is about 633 Kcal for one small size ball, but since the edible part of the watermelon is 60% of the whole, it is 380 Kcal. The above table shows the nutritional value of only the edible part, so please refer to it as the calorie and sugar mass when eating watermelon.